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Article     |     Published April 2020

Tips for connecting Stripo to Mautic

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We use Stripo for rapidly building email templates that can be used across a wide variety of Email Service Providers (ESPs). The great thing about is that our team can become experts at a single design tool and create emails that display perfectly in people’s inboxes, without having to work out the quirks of each individual platform such as Mailchimp or Hubspot.

Mautic is also a favourite of ours – it’s an opensource marketing automation platform (similar to Magento) with some hugely powerful features. Unfortunately, the built-in email builder is pretty poor (although, there is a plugin on the horizon to fix this) so we use our trusty ‘Stripo’ to build emails instead.

These are our top tips for setting up Stripo with Mautic

Tip 1. Get the permissions right

Mautic allows you to create ‘Roles’, and within each role, you can specify the permissions that role has. Within Mautic we usually create a role specifically for Stripo – in this case, we call the role ‘Can Create Emails’ and we make sure the only permission this Role has is as follows:

  • Assets -> User has access to -> Publish own
  • Emails -> User has access to -> View own
  • Emails -> User has access to -> Edit own
  • Emails -> User has access to -> Create

Tip 2. Get the Mautic API setup correctly

Mautic has both OAuth1 and OAuth2 capabilities, but as of writing this article, Stripo requires OAuth1. Within Mautic, make sure that the API is enabled, and that basic authentication is allowed.

Tip 3. Ignore the Stripo instructions

Now for the weird bit – you can generate credentials for OAuth1, but in the case of Stripo, you don’t need to. Their Mautic connection form asks for the API endpoint and a username/password.

However, you just need to enter the URL of your installation, e.g. https://mautic.<yourdomain>.com and then enter the username and password of a valid user on Mautic – NOT the API credentials that you might have generated.

This is why in Tip 1 we created a new role – so that you can create a new user on your Mautic platform that only has access to create emails. As much as we trust Stripo, it’s always best to make sure that a user only has the permissions that match the activities they should be performing.

And that’s it! You should now be able to export your emails from Stripo to Mautic.

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