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TikTok Pixel for WooCommerce

Easily add your TikTok pixel to WooCommerce

Our free WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily add TikTok tracking to your WooCommerce store.

"Using the TikTok tracking pixel is vital for running successful ad campaigns, but it can be confusing to setup. This plugin made it simple!"

Gemma   |   Herbal Dog Co

Track what matters

Page views

Every page view on your site is logged in TikTok ads via the pixel so you can track which ares are most popular on your site.

Product page views

Similarly, you’ll be able to track which products a visitor views. Data that is sent to TikTok includes SKUs for easy tracking and management.

Add to cart

Every time a product is added to the cart, this event is captured in TikTok.

Initiate checkout

Log whenever someone starts going through the checkout process.

Complete payment

And of course, track when someone completes a purchase – complete with SKUs, cart values, currency & more.

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