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Keeping WordPress roles inline with Hubspot membership status

Client: The Payments Association

Hubspot was the source of the contact's membership status (based on the Company membership)

WordPress was updated with pre-defined roles based on the Company membership status

WooCommerce products where made available depending on the allocated user role

N8N was used to handle the automated updates of WordPress roles based on Hubspot membership status

"The integrations DCS crafted have revolutionised our digital experience, ensuring membership statuses are flawlessly aligned and reliably efficient"



The Payments Association needed a seamless way to synchronise Hubspot membership status with visitors who register on their WordPress website.

The aim was to change the member role on the website so that they could access exclusive features and content, based on their employer’s membership status stored on Hubspot. This meant that whenever somebody registered on the website, we had to send the registration data to Hubspot, and then update the user’s role on WordPress. In addition, if a Company’s membership status changed on Hubspot, all their employee’s needed to be updated on WordPress.


This was a multi-step process, which required data to moved in multiple directions.


  • A new roles was added for each membership tier via a custom plugin
  • A custom form was created using Gravity Forms which register the user on the site, and sent the registration details to Hubspot


  • Role based pricing was introduced to hide / show products based on the membership status


  • A custom app was created to trigger webhooks whenever a Contact or Company was updated with new membership statuses


  • A new workflow was created which received webhook data from Hubspot, and automatically updated the user role on the website


The automation has allowed The Payments Association to utilise the power of Hubspot for managing complex membership roles, whilst also taking advantage of WordPress and WooCommerce for running an effective membership website. Users now gain immediate access to customised content, thereby improving engagement and satisfaction levels, both internally and externally.

The successful integration has not only enhanced user management but has also set the groundwork for further automation and scalability. The Payments Association is now better poised to deliver a highly personalised user experience.


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