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Case Study

Automated feature monitoring for a high-volume e-commerce store

Client: Leading e-commerce store

WooCommerce was the e-commerce system being used

Shopwarden was used to run the custom flows

Twilio was used to automatically send an SMS to the DCS Digital team whenever there was downtime

N8N was used to receive notifications of any downtime and alert the DCS team

"The continuous website monitoring by DCS Digital has given us peace of mind. Knowing our site is always under watchful eyes allows us to focus on growing our business without disruptions. It's invaluable."



A high-volume e-commerce store faced a critical challenge: maintaining uninterrupted operation amidst a constant influx of orders. Even a minor website issue could result in substantial revenue losses.

The primary goal was to establish a robust monitoring and alerting system to promptly detect and address any potential website issues that could disrupt business operations.


To safeguard the e-commerce store’s revenue stream, an automated system was implemented which continually emulates user interactions on the website, including essential flows like the checkout process. It checks for any irregularities, especially those caused by plug-in updates or changes, and promptly alerts DCS Digital in case of issues.


This automation has provided peace of mind for the e-commerce store owner. The website is under constant surveillance, ensuring minimal downtime and immediate detection of any problems, allowing for swift resolutions.

By implementing this monitoring and alerting automation, the e-commerce store has fortified its business continuity, demonstrating the importance of proactive website management in the e-commerce industry.


notification of any issues


website and feature uptime

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