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10x faster WooCommerce order management through a deep integration with Airtable

Client: Forest Deli

WooCommerce was the source or orders made, and destination for any changes made in Airtable

Airtable was the destination for order data, as well as the interface for managing orders

N8N was used to receive order data and add it to Airtable, as well as sync order statuses back to Woo

"Bloody brilliant! Being able to manage products in Airtable without having go in to Woocommerce has been a huge time saver"



Forest Deli faced a logistical challenge during the Christmas season. The high volume of orders from their WooCommerce platform needed to be efficiently managed through Airtable.

The aim was to streamline Forest Deli’s order management by automating the transfer of order details from WooCommerce to Airtable, and allowing any changes to the order status to be synced back into WooCommerce.


DCS Digital started by creating a series of automations that trigger whenever an order comes into WooCommerce. The system automatically updated Airtable with all relevant order details, providing an organised and efficient logistical solution. In addition, further automations were created which synced order status back into WooCommerce.

Ultimately, DCS Digital decided to continue working on this solution and launch a brand new micro-SaaS called “Connect for WooCommerce”, which is now available on the Airtable marketplace.


This automation has been a game-changer for Forest Deli, particularly during their busiest season. Now, all orders are instantly updated in Airtable, streamlining their logistics and allowing for better resource allocation.

By linking WooCommerce and Airtable through custom automation, Forest Deli has significantly improved its operational efficiency, setting a new standard for handling high-volume orders during peak seasons.


faster order management


data sync between Woo and Airtable

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