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Automating routine admin to save 20+ hours per week

Client: Leading telecoms company

Zendesk receives new data alerts from GIACOM, triggering an automation

N8N receives the alert, and uses the GIACOM API to check mobile data status, make changes and update the support ticket

GIACOM is the source of mobile data information, along with the destination for any bundle changes

"What used to be an ongoing chore that bogged down our support team, is now automatically and instantly handled. Superb!"



A leading telecoms company faced a cumbersome issue: manual handling of data alerts for thousands of mobile devices they manage. Every alert required manual intervention, wasting valuable time and resources.

The goal was to automate the data alert handling process, thereby reducing the time and manual effort needed to manage data bundles for each alert.


Utilising GEOCOM’s API, the automation we created captures the data alert and triggers a set of automated actions. These include identifying the mobile number in question, verifying the assigned data bundle, and making necessary adjustments—all without human intervention.


With the new system in place, the telecoms company has seen a complete removal of the time spent on basic data alerts. When scaled to hundreds of alerts per day, the time-saving is substantial.

This automation has significantly enhanced operational efficiency, freeing up human resources for more critical tasks. The solution also offers a robust foundation for future scalability and additional automations.


hours saved per week


ROI (12 months)


ticket resolution

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