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Keeping WooCommerce stock in sync after DekoPay finance cancellations

Client: The Tackle Tavern

DekoPay was the cause of the stock level issues, due to missing functionality when an order was cancelled prior to payment.

WooCommerce was the e-commerce platform where stock level issues needed to be resolved

N8N was used to check for any cancelled DekoPay orders, parse the items contained in the basket, and update WooCommerce to have the correct stock levels after a cancellation

"The features that were lacking in DekoPay were quickly implemented by DCS, enabling us to keep stock levels at the correct levels"



The Tackle Tavern, a bustling e-commerce enterprise managing high order volumes, found themselves facing a significant operational challenge. They aimed to offer customers the convenience of purchasing products through DekoPay finance. However, a critical issue emerged – when a customer canceled their payment via the DekoPay system, the stock reserved for that order was not automatically returned to the WooCommerce inventory.

This crucial functionality was conspicuously absent from DekoPay, and they had no plans to implement it. As a result, stock levels fell out of sync, introducing confusion and operational challenges for The Tackle Tavern team.


In response to the missing functionality within DekoPay, DCS Digital engineered a proactive automation. This automated system was designed to swiftly detect when a DekoPay order was cancelled. Upon detection, it meticulously examined the order details to identify the items in the basket. Then, it promptly returned the quantities of those items back to the stock inventory, ensuring that stock levels remained accurate and mitigating the challenges posed by DekoPay’s limitations. This innovative solution revolutionized stock management for The Tackle Tavern.


The implementation of the automation yielded impressive results for The Tackle Tavern. Firstly, it ensured that stock levels remained consistently accurate, eliminating the previous discrepancies. This brought much-needed clarity and reliability to inventory management. Additionally, the automation removed operational complexities, making processes more efficient. With these improvements, The Tackle Tavern team found themselves with more time and resources to allocate to essential tasks, ultimately enhancing their focus on core activities.


stock level accuracy


hours saved per day

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