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Case Study

Saving 2 hours per day with AI-powered e-mail triage

Client: Leading telecoms company

Outlook 365 was the e-mail service being used by the CEO

OpenAI was used to classify and categorise e-mails

N8N was used to check e-mails every 5 minutes and handle the triage logic

"I didn't think achieving a clear inbox was possible. I get over 300 e-mails per day, and it became a nightmare trying to keep on top of it. Having my inbox organised automatically is a game changer."



In a dynamic business environment, staying on top of email communications is paramount. One of our recent clients, seeking enhanced email management, approached us with a common challenge: the deluge of emails in their personal Outlook inbox. The task was clear – automate email classification, prioritisation, and organisation while saving valuable time.

The primary aim was to create an efficient workflow that could automatically classify incoming emails, move them to appropriate folders, mark them as read, or highlight messages requiring immediate attention. The ultimate goal was to free up time wasted each day trying to keep on top of e-mails, maintain an empty inbox, and ensure essential messages were never overlooked.


DCS Digital devised an intelligent solution, powered by AI. The workflow continuously monitored the client’s Outlook inbox for new messages.

Each email underwent automatic content classification, allowing it to be seamlessly sorted into relevant folders.

These folders covered a spectrum of categories, including accounts, newsletters, conversations, and tasks. Emails were marked as read or flagged for action, ensuring that the inbox remained organised and free from clutter.


The implemented solution yielded remarkable results. The client’s email management was revolutionised, saving two precious hours each day that were previously spent manually sifting through emails. The inbox remained consistently clear, allowing for better focus and reduced stress. Most importantly, the risk of missing crucial messages or information became a thing of the past.

By harnessing the power of automation and AI, DCS Digital successfully transformed the client’s email management. This case study underscores the potential for enhanced productivity and organisation through intelligent automation in the realm of personal inbox management.


hours per day saved


of e-mails auto-categorised


e-mail monitoring

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