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Instant task creation and scheduling, saving 5+ minutes per support request

Client: Leading digital agency

Teamwork Desk was the ticketing system where new requests would arrive

Teamwork was the project management tool where team availability was managed, along with the destination for tasks

OpenAI's ChatGPT was used to understand the requirements of incoming requests, write task descriptions, estimate time required and respond to the customer

N8N was used to process incoming tickets, load availability, calculate start dates and update the various systems

"Having AI handle the creation and scheduling of tasks is a game changer. It frees up the team to focus on solving the requests, rather than logistics of availability"



A digital agency faced an internal challenge: efficiently managing incoming support tickets for their clients while also aligning them with the team’s availability.

The goal was to automate the support ticket assignment process, ensuring that tasks are scheduled according to team availability and that customers are promptly notified of the timeline.


DCS Digital deployed a sophisticated automation workflow. Upon receipt of a support ticket, the system first verifies if the query is from a customer. It then consults team availability for task completion, schedules it, and generates a task in the project management tool complete with time estimates and descriptions.

Finally, an AI-driven response is sent to the customer, advising them when their issue will be addressed.


The implemented system saves approximately two hours of team time per day for the agency, streamlining internal operations and enhancing customer experience. Through intelligent automation, the agency has not only optimised its support ticket management but also set a standard for excellent customer communication, laying a foundation for further efficiencies.


hours per day saved


faster ticket responses

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A project like this would take 2 – 3 weeks to complete. You can expect to invest between £5k – £10k depending on complexity.

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