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Care Plans

Ahhhh.... website stress removed

Our Care Plan gives you the peace of mind that your website is pro-actively taken care of, year round. It includes:

  • Managed plugin updates
  • Uptime monitoring & automated testing
  • Robust security
  • Website disaster recovery
  • Plugin recovery
  • Spam protection

See below for more details!

We've got you covered

Managed plugin updates

Have you ever been afraid to hit “update all plugins” on your website because you don’t know what will happen? Fear not – we’ll handle this for you and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Uptime monitoring & automated testing

We have a series of systems that continuously monitor your website health, 24 hours per day. Every minute we check that your website is running, and every 5 minutes we run automated tests to check that core functionality is working.

If our testing flags an issue, a support ticket is automatically raised and the team will jump into action.

Priority support

As you can imagine, we’re a busy agency and our team gets regular requests into our support system. However, if you’re on a Care Plan, your requests will get prioritised and bumped up the queue.

Robust security

Websites are continuously under attack by automated bots, and on rare occasions, specifically targeted by malicious actors.

We monitor website traffic and implement tools / systems that proactively detect and prevent attacks.

Note: no website is unhackable – new exploits come out daily, but our managed plugin updates and website disaster recovery methods (included with the Care Plan) help mitigate, and recover from, the worst case scenario.

Website disaster recovery

We’ve all seen headlines about huge services like Facebook and Amazon going offline. Servers and sites can break or be hacked, and sometimes in a catastrophic way, which means they’re impossible to fix.

Our disaster recovery service handles this scenario – we will restore your website from the most recent backup to a new server environment at no additional cost.

Plugin recovery

Sometimes a plugin or theme update can break your website – we will either resolve the issue that the update has caused, or safely rollback the plugin to a previous version.

Offsite backups

Your site is backed up every day to a secure, offsite location. This means that even in the worst case scenario (see disaster recovery above!) we can still bring your website back online.

Spam protection

Spammers are constantly playing a cat and mouse game with solutions and tools that are put in place to prevent spam. We will make sure that the latest techniques and solutions are put in place to stop spammers in their tracks.

"We used to fear our website - never knowing when it might break during peak times. Those days have become a distant memory thanks to DCS's Care Plan!"

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