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Next Workshop: Thurs May 30th at 2pm GMT

Kickstart your automation journey

Learn the essentials, pinpoint high-value automations & prepare your roadmap.

Ideal for business leaders planning to integrate automation into their strategy.

60 mins
Simply put, it’s any automation where AI is used as part of the process. Not every automation needs to be “intelligent”, and this workshop covers both regular automations and intelligent automations.

By the end of the workshop you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • What automation really is
  • What’s needed to make automation a long-term success
  • What makes a good candidate for automation

Be able to:

  • Continuously identify high value processes in your organisation that will benefit from automation

And you will have:

  • Identified 5-10 high impact, high value candidates for automation
  • Identified which automations align with your business goals
  • Identified the key stakeholders that need to be involved
  • Have a roadmap for moving forward

Join us for an engaging online workshop to kickstart your intelligent automation journey. Ideal for business leaders getting started and those looking to refine their existing setups, this session offers expert insights, best practices, and practical advice for mastering intelligent automation.

Discover high-value processes ripe for automation, potentially leveraging AI, and depart with a bespoke roadmap plus a list of 5-10 prime automation opportunities tailored to your business needs.

Connect with fellow businesses embarking on their automation paths, providing a unique chance to share experiences and learn collaboratively.

The next online group session is

May 30th - 2pm GMT

Uncover the high value processes in your business that can be automated using AI.

What you'll leave with

A clear understanding of intelligent automation (IA)

The ability to identify high value processes

5 - 10 opportunities for automation

A simple roadmap for how to move forward

"This was a great introduction to intelligent automation and I'm now confident to move forward"

Gavin Alexander   |   Marketing Consultant

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