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A better way

Embracing automation is a pivotal step for modern businesses, unlocking new potentials in operational excellence and strategic growth.

"Adopting AI is THE most important thing every business needs to stay relevant in the coming years. DCS turned this scary, unknown entity into something easy to understand and apply."

James Pardoe   |   Grow.ae

Case studies

Saving 2 hours per day with AI-powered e-mail triage

Instant task creation and scheduling, saving 5+ minutes per support request

Automating routine admin to save 20+ hours per week

Using AI to eliminate months of tedious data entry work

It's easier than you might think

Optimise all areas of your business, one process at a time

Automation as a Service

Made by us, used by you.

Automation as a Service is a comprehensive offering where we handle the creation, management, and maintenance of automated workflows for your business. This includes personalised consultations and workshops to ensure these automations are perfectly aligned with your business needs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Simple monthly subscription

A single subscription covering all aspects of intelligent automation, from consultation and workshops, through to Business Process Mapping and Notation (BPMN), implementation and monitoring. 

Unlimited automations

Your subscription will allow you to have unlimited automations created for you, meaning you can focus on increasing the performance of your business, instead of worrying about costs.

No upfront costs

Unlike most automation agencies, we don’t charge for the consultation, workshops, planning or creation of automations. Instead, we foot this bill as we’re confident that you’ll want to stay with us for the long-term.

Dedicated experts

You’ll always work with the same person from our side, meaning that they gain a true understanding of your business, its goals and the direction its heading. We’ll feel like part of the team.

Ongoing support

We continuously monitor automation workflows, and make changes as 3rd party systems roll out new functionality and features. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Bespoke to your business

No two businesses are the same, and our approach to intelligent automations is to make them bespoke to you. This ensures that your team is not forced into working in a way that doesn’t fit them.

Calculate your team's potential

people in team
avg. salary/hr
% of time spent on
repetitive tasks
billable rate
(if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have a 3-step process that starts with an initial consultation to understand the company and goals, followed by user interviews to dig deeper into processes and pain points, and then scoping out specific workflows and automations to address those needs.

The goal is to deliver value from the start through a subscription model rather than big upfront costs.

It’s common for our clients to be at different stages in their automation journey. Some have no automations in place, others are far advanced. As the saying goes – the best time to start something was yesterday, the next best time is today.

We start the process through a series of consultations, interviews, focus groups and workshops. This ensures that we tailor our approach to your unique situation, and will guide you through the process.

Our subscription has a rolling 3-month contract, giving the perfect mix of flexibility whilst allowing for acheiving the best possible results.

No, but the subscription is on a rolling 3-month contract, so you can cancel after any 3-month period.

Yes, whilst our subscription designed to cover a broad range of needs, we offer custom solutions and pricing for unique or exceptionally complex requirements.
  1. Reduction in Operating Costs: A Deloitte report highlighted that intelligent automation offers considerable savings in operating costs for businesses. By streamlining business processes and improving productivity, companies that implemented this technology reported savings between 25% and 40% on average​​.

  2. Benefits Beyond Cost Savings: The ROI from intelligent process automation platforms extends beyond direct financial savings. It includes improved service deliverability, greater employee satisfaction, and enhanced business agility. These ‘soft’ benefits contribute to the long-term, transformational impact of intelligent process automation on businesses, as recognised by CIOs and IT leaders​​

If you commission us for bespoke work outside a subscription, the workflow will be owned by you.

On the other hand, if an automation is created as part of a subscription, ownership will remain with us, but you will be granted a license to use it within your company and on systems not managed by us.

This gives you the flexibility of having access to all automations created, whilst keeping costs low. 

  • We offer a comprehensive package that combines educational workshops, support sessions, and personalised assistance.
  • The zero-investment workflow creation model and unique pricing structure reduce upfront capital expenditure.
  • Clients benefit from continuous learning, collaborative opportunities, and a cost-effective solution without the need to hire a dedicated team.
  • We hold regular performance reviews to assess the implementation progress and address any issues.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are included in the contract to define the expected levels of service and response times for support queries.
  • Continuous improvement plans ensure ongoing optimisation of the solutions to meet evolving client needs.
Phase 1
- Define success
- Identify opportunities
- Shortlist processes
- Plan automations
Phase 1
Phase 2
- Prototyping
- Launch
Phase 2
Phase 3
- Monitor outcomes
- Optimise
Phase 3

End-to-end automation solutions

Consultancy and workshops

Get access to expert guidance and customised training sessions. Our consultancy empowers your team with essential insights and skills, crucial for leveraging automation technologies effectively for business growth and operational efficiency.

Bespoke workflow development

Unlimited bespoke intelligent automation, tailored specifically to your business requirements. Our approach ensures each workflow is crafted for optimal efficiency, helping streamline your operations and adapting seamlessly to your evolving business needs.

Ongoing support and optimisation

Enjoy the assurance of continuous support and optimisation. We provide regular updates and enhancements, ensuring your automated workflows remain effective, efficient, and aligned with the changing dynamics of your business.

One low monthly investment.

Achieve ROI within 4 weeks*

* An average customer sees a return on investment within 4 weeks of their first workflow going live, based on the value of the time savings generated.

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How is this calculated?

Example scenario

Task Time Percentage: 25% (0.25) of the work week is spent on repetitive tasks.

Step-by-step calculation

If 25% of the work week is spent on repetitive tasks, that leaves 75% of the time for other productive work.

By automating these repetitive tasks, the entire workweek becomes effectively productive. The maths is simple: previously, only 75% of the time was productive. After automation, 100% of the time is productive. So, the productivity increase is calculated from 75% to 100%, which is about a 33% increase in productivity.

Or as we’ve shown in the calculator, this is a 1.33x increase in productivity.

How is this calculated?

Example scenario

  • Task Time Percentage: 25% (0.25) of the work week is spent on repetitive tasks.
  • Speed Factor: Let’s assume an automation performs a task 5 times faster than human work (in reality, it will be a lot higher than this)

Step-by-step calculation

  1. Automation’s Effective Work Hours:
    • Automation capacity: 7 days per week (168 hours).
    • However, it works at 5x the speed of a human.
    • Therefore, the effective human work equivalent
      human work hours per week.
  2. Adjusted Automation Hours:
    • The automation replaces 25% of the human workweek, which is 10 hours.
    • But since it works 5 times faster, it does 10×5=50 hours of human work in that time.
    • Adjusted automation hours: 840×0.25=210 hours.
  3. Remaining Human Productive Hours:
    • Human hours not spent on repetitive tasks: 40−(40×0.25)=30 hours.
  4. Total Productive Hours (With Automation):
    • Total = 210 (automation) + 30 (human) = 240 hours.
  5. Original Productive Hours: 40 hours (standard workweek).
  6. Productivity Increase Calculation:


We calculate a 6x increase in productivity because we consider that automation can effectively multiply the human work hours it replaces by both its speed factor and its continuous operation. In this case, it’s not just replacing the 10 hours spent on repetitive tasks; it’s effectively adding much more due to its higher speed and continuous operation.

Important note

This calculation assumes that the increased capacity of automation (working 24/7 at a higher speed) is fully utilised and directly translates to increased productivity. In real-world scenarios, the actual increase in productivity might be lower due to factors like the limits of how much additional work is useful or can be managed effectively.