Where ideas become reality

Sometimes the solutions we need don’t exist (or don’t work in the way we think they should). As a result, we created the DCS Digital Incubator – an experimental lab where new ideas are explored, and the best of which get turned into standalone products.

Holly Social

Stage: Launched

We’ve been working on Holly Social since 2017. It is a SaaS solution that allows companies to self-brand and sell their own social media scheduling solution. Used worldwide by entrepreneurs, agencies and businesses.


Stage: Launched internally

Whlist sourcing a solution to generate web-based proposals for our clients, we found that none of the options available gave us the flexibility we needed. As a result, we have built ‘Handshake’ – initially for our own use, but we may roll it out as a SaaS solution in the future.


Stage: Launched internally

To speed up our web design process we have developed over 200 lo-fi mockups that allow us to quickly and easily try out different layouts and concepts. Taking this to the next level, we have built ‘Stack’ – a WordPress plugin and server that allows us to rapidly build a working website mockup with just a few clicks using pre-made templates. We may roll this out as a paid-for plugin in the future for other agencies and freelancers to use.


Stage: Launched internally

As a service company, our knowledge is our most valuable asset. We needed a way to formallise our knowledge in a way that is easy to share, refer to and discover. Checkmate is our solution to this problem and combines guides, processes, best practices and more into a simple, intuitive interface. At the moment this is an internal tool, but we may look at turning it into a SaaS solution for re-sale to other businesses.


Stage: Trial with clients

Heatmap tracking, session recording, click tracking – all standard stuff in trying to understand how visitors are using a website. However, the options available on the market are (in our opinion) overpriced. Working with a trusted vendor, we are looking at rolling out our own solution at a price point we feel is needed in the analytics market.


Stage: Live for clients

As images and other media grow larger on websites, it’s more important than ever to ensure they load quickly. MediaZoom is our ‘at-the-edge’ content delivery network that caches and optimises media served across our websites and other solutions to ensure the fastest possible load times. Bandwidth is currently in the hundreds of gigabytes, and growing every month.


Stage: Planning

Tidy will be a cross-os desktop application (OSX, Windows, Linux) whose primary function is to make it fast and easy for people to find files stored in local folders, whether that be on their own computer or on drives shared via a LAN. It will be developed primarily as a tool to help us be more efficient in-house, but we will be releasing it to the general public in the future.

Do you have an idea?

Whether you’re a client, an entrepreneur or a potential colleague, we’d love to hear your ideas and explore whether there is a way we could collaborate on making them a reality.

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