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Digital Growth Kits

Strategy — marketing — optimisation — innovation — training

You don’t need to know everything about digital to achieve massive online success.

The online world is in a constant state of flux and it can feel impossible to keep up. That’s why we’ve developed our ‘signature’ Digital Growth Kits that are guaranteed to deliver digital transformation that will help you:

→ Refine your value proposition so that it truly resonates with your target audience.

→ Grow your audience and allow you to connect with them in meaningful ways.

→ Provide an exceptional experience on all touchpoints, boosting conversions and revenue.

→ Help you master technology to fast-track your business growth via automation and innovation.

The first step in the process is to benchmark your business, which will be the basis for your strategy moving forward.

How it works

  1. Your scorecard highlights areas for improvement
  2. Our experts suggest a mixture of DIY, DWY and DFY activities from our suite of solutions that will help you achieve these improvements
  3. You choose one of our Digital Growth Kit plans which allows you to decide the budget, timeline and volume of work to achieve the improvements recommended

Growth Kits

All Growth Kits come with our Care Plan included for free!

For businesses doing less than £40,000/month online

Essentials - £1,195 / month

Take your pick to create the perfect growth kit

Every growth kit is tailored to you

£1,195 / activity / month. Minimum commitment: 3 months.

  • Done with you activity: £595
  • Done for you activity: £1,195
  • One kit credit per month
  • Includes any kits covered in our “Essentials” range


NOTE: Some activities require more than one credit.

Pro - £2,195 / month

  • Two kit credits per month
  • Includes any activities covered in our “Essentials” or “Pro” ranges

Expert - £2,995 / month

  • Three kit credits per month
  • Includes two activities covered in our “Essentials” or “Pro” range and one activity from our “Expert” range

Addon kit credits: £1,000

For businesses doing more than £40,000 / month online

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