Case Study

New UI boosts military efficiency

Military training is vast, and exceptional user interface and design makes a world of difference.


A unique Learning Management System

Our experienced team are responsible for the UX / UI for the UK’s leading military Learning Management System (LMS). This on-premise software has been rolled out to the Ministry of Defense, the RAF and a range of other government agencies.

NDAs abound!

Unfortunately, we can’t name names due to the classified nature of the parties involved, but we can share a few gems of information on the work we’ve done and how it helped.

The problem

Big data, big consequences

There is an enormous amount data involved with training the armed forces – from pilots to engineers, training schedules run for years and are incredibly detailed. Effective training can literally be the difference between life and death.

The right data at the right time

A key part of our work on the LMS was to ensure that military personnel could quickly expose data which is not only relevant, but timely and extremely focused – right down to an individual student’s progress.


Customisable analytics

We planned and designed an analytics platform which gives unrivaled flexibility. Pulling in data from multiple sources, combining it into beautiful visuals and filtering based on individual needs was now possible through a simple, intuitive interface.

Timely reporting

An extension of this work was to plan and design an automated reporting system that makes it easy for key stakeholders to receive up-to-date information via e-mail on a recurring basis.

The result

Problems exposed quickly

Automated reporting meant that people could quickly see if a problem was developing in training, such as a student falling behind or targets being missed. Removing the snowball effect of compounded issues had a massive boost in efficiency.

A move away from spreadsheets

The analytics builder allowed people to move out of spreadsheets and into an intuitive, collaborative environment for better resource sharing and efficiency.

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