Working from home: Q&A with Ash

Following on from our blog post ‘12 tips to stay sane during Coronavirus lockdown‘ we asked each of our team to share their experience of working from home. To kick things off, Ash has shared his thoughts below!

What have you enjoyed about working from home?

I enjoy listening to my own playlists on Spotify. Being surrounded by my artwork and books is inspiring when beginning a new project and considering how to approach it.

What have been some of your challenges?

It was a little strange at first to be working from home, but after a while you get used to it and learn to stay focused on the incoming work. Naturally, you are surrounded by distractions that you wouldn’t normally have to deal with, for example my girlfriend has just downloaded Disney+, which comes with every episode of The Simpsons and a lot more distractions!

If you could change one thing, what would it be (other than not working from home)?

Faster WiFi and a more comfortable desk chair, I’m currently sat on a dining table chair that I think maybe older than both of parents ages combined, it’s also very rickety.

Editors note: After we discovered slow wi-fi was an issue for Ash, we set him up an unlimited o2 4g router from our sister company, DCS Worldwide. We will have to do something about his work-zone though!

What is your go-to playlist?

Right now, I am listening to a playlist of electronic and ambient stuff, so musicians like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, DJ Shadow, SURVIVE and Com Truise. I also tend to listen to a lot of film scores and synth/electronic that makes me feel optimistic, that comes from my love of science fiction. I tend to steer away from anything with lyrics, as I find it difficult to concentrate with it in the background.

What are your top tips for working from home?

For me, it’s making sure to stay focused whilst surrounded by a lot of distractions. Also, try not to let the current situation get you down, it definitely never helps to panic over a situation that you have zero control over. And pick a playlist that motivates you, something with a good beat that you can match the momentum of.



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